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French Wine Regions

There are as many kinds of wines as there are people who love to drink them. One of the main ways to distinguish wine is to classify them by regions. The regions are the areas where the grapes are cultivated and the wine is made. France in a Glass France is one of the old […]

How Do You Choose a Wine?

Three words. And they all start with the letter “p.” 1. Price This is one of the first concerns people have about choosing a wine. It may have something to do with the myths surrounding wine, the most popular of which is that wine is a drink for the elite. But this is just that […]

How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Screwcap Em…just twist the cap.  This one is easy. Cork The cork gets its name from the type of tree the wood is taken from, i.e. the cork tree.  There are also synthetic corks in modern times but they’re still referred to as corks. To open a bottle of wine with a cork, you should […]

The Beloved Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a white wine that is the most popular white wine that is consumed in the United States and Europe. This wine is developed from a grape that is grown in many locations. It is a light colored green grape the when cultivated properly can take on flavors that will dazzle you. These grapes […]